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Saturday, 11 December 2010

What's the difference between angled and straight eyepieces?

The Nipon 20-60x70 scope comes in either straight (horizontal) or 45 degree angled eyepiece designs. Straight scopes used to be the norm of these scopes, but angled scopes seem to have taken over for a majority of users nowadays.

With a straight eyepiece design, you can view the target in line with the central line of the scope. It is thus convenient to use the scope with straight eyepiece to locate and track a target, especially when the target or the viewer is moving.

Angled scopes can better accommodate people of different heights, and they seem to be easier to use for digi-scoping (eg. to mount a digital camera). Nevertheless, either option is strictly a personal choice, and both options are available from this shop.

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