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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

User experience with the Nipon digital eyepiece/camera (Model EE300) for digiscoping under Windows Vista system

A customer has recently provided some feedback about his experience in using the Nipon digital eyepiece on his laptop computer which runs the windows vista system. This information should be useful for others who are interesting in digiscoping.

When the digital eyepiece is connected to your PC through a USB slot, the computer should be able to automatically recognise this device and install the software driver. There is no need to install anything from the software CD which comes with the digital device. You should then be able to see a camera icon in "My Computer" programme. This is true when your PC runs Win 2000, Win XP or Win 7. However, in Windows vista, the camera icon becomes invisible. In fact, it has been reported that Win vista does not show other types of digital cameras in the "My Computer" programme. This is one of the problems with win vista.

A solution for this is to install the software programme which comes with the digital eyepiece and to take digital pictures or video recordings from your PC using that software programme. This should achieve the same function as you would otherwise be able to do using a simpler "My computer" programme under win xp or win 7.

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  1. Thanks for the info,I would have been thinking i had a fault with the camera.