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Saturday, 11 December 2010

Can I attach a digital camera to the scope?

There is an increasing requirement for attaching digital camera to a scope to take pictures of distant objects. You can achieve this by hand holding the camera, for example, or mounting the camera on a tripod next to the telescope eyepiece, building or buying an adapter to hold the camera over the eyepiece, using a universal camera adapter (available from this shop), or using an eyepiece with built in adapter to attach it directly to the digital camera. Or simply, you can use a digital eyepiece which takes pictures and video footage directly through the scope.

The Nipon 26-78x78 compact scope has a built in eyepiece adapter with a 1.25" (31.75mm) slip socket as an eyepiece holder. With this adapter, you can either fit a digital eyepiece/camera or fixed power optical eyepieces to this scope (these products are available from this shop). This adapter also allows a standard-design T-mount SLR and camera adapters (with 1.25" fitting) to fit into its eyepiece holder.

Alternatively, you can use a universal digital camera adapter to connect your camera to the scope. Please browse the product category "Universal camera adapters" for more information.

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