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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Why do I only see a white image when I try to take pictures of the Moon using my Nipon digital eyepiece/camera?

The Nipon digital eyepiece can be used to take pictures of distant objects through a telescope. You can see on the PC screen what you would see through the telescope's eyepiece and take that picture (or video footage) through your computer. However, if you point your telescope to the Moon, you may only see a spot of bright light on your computer screen, rather than the details of the Moon surface. This is because that the brightness of the Moon has exceeded the exposure limit of the camera's hardware chip. You may get a similar result when trying to take pictures of the moon using some other types of digital cameras.

A solution for this: add a Moon Filter to the eyepiece holder of your telescope, before putting the digital eyepiece into the holder. You will get a better image of the moon. This should also help your astronomical observation and digiscoping on stars in the night sky.

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